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Modern life has led to a multitude of health concerns. Conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and anxiety are on the rise due to increases in sedentary lifestyles, access to fast, processed foods, and outdated health care models. Simple lifestyle changes such as adding exercise into your daily routine or adjusting your food habits can lead to some improvements in health. However, to see significant and long lasting effects that result in optimal health, consistency is key. Health comes from a conscious change in behavior and a commitment to those healthy habits. When you make the choice to be healthy, you are choosing a way of life rather than a shortcut. This doesn’t mean your life has to be overly restrictive and you can’t have cheat days, it just means we all should try our best to make health-conscious decisions more often than not. Read More

Mission Statment 

"Health is a state of body, wellness is the state of being."                      - J. Stanford

This site focuses on the importance of a balanced lifestyle and endeavors to help you attain it through timely articles, live web sessions, and direct access to health programs.

Exploring in-depth information on all aspects of wellbeing including physical, mental, diet, fitness, environment, and beauty this site provides a resource for those seeking a holistic approach to health. So whether you’re looking for tips on skin care, new workout routines, effective eating plans, ways to meditate, methods to strengthen your immunity, or even how to combat depression, you’ll find it here. 

Professional Background 

Jessica Graduated Magna Cum Lade from the University of Miami and is a board certified FNP. While in school she worked at a cardiac clinic where she served as the head research liaison on a pacemaker and coronary artery study, also assisting in the OR with various procedures.

As a medical provider Jessica has worked in a wide range of specialties including primary care, epidemiology, cardiac surgery, ENT, occupational health, and longevity. She has also held management positions as the clinical coordinator of an epidemiology practice that focused on global health and collaborated with UCLA on their Monkey pox study. Most recently she works part time as the medical director at one of the top entertainment companies where she treats employees, oversees the operations, and creates educational content. Outside the clinic, she practices concierge medicine and consults for various health startup companies.

Jessica has a passion for education and bridging the gap between health and modern day living. Creating and implementing educational programs for students and employees, Jessica has guest lectured at various campuses and places of employment.





My Personal Story

I deeply understand the stuggle and distress that comes with feeling "not right" and not knowing why. I went undiagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroidism my Junior and Senior year of high school and it turned my previously healthy life upside down. I became extremly fatigued, gained 15 pounds, stuggled with digestive issues, and lost motivation for a of activities I once enjoyed. 

My 16 year old self did not understand what was going on with my body nor how to cope. For two years, I was moody, tired, depressed, and totally unaware of the cause. In addition, I ended up developing an eating disorder to drop the weight and maintain a body the beauty magazines would approve of. Which, at the time, felt as important and difficult as passing AP calculus.

My mom, who is a psychologist, was eventually the one to put the pieces together and diagnose me. My primary care doctor had missed the low thyroid results on my blood work. 

My journey to health did not end there of course. While the medications I was prescribed helped to balance my thyroid levels and improved my energy as well as metabolism, it would take years of readings and experimenting to get my body fully back to what I consider normal. By this point I was a little older and not worried about my weight as much as my health and stamina.

It would take going to one the top endocrine doctors in the country, followed by the top eastern medicine doctor in the city, and then eventually combining a slew of recommendations from countless sources (many of which contradicted each other) to fit my body's needs. There is a huge difference between "normal" on a lab sheet and normal in quality of life. ​

From this experience I learned the importance of education and self advocacy. It is my strong belief that we are all different and what works for one person may not work for the next, so finding a medical provider who is open and willing to experiment with you is very important. Taking time to help pateints understand their body is one of my greatest passions. My other great love is helping others discover their best self.

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