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  • What is Happiness?

    What is Happiness?

    Sandwiched somewhere between “does god exist?” and “who ate my leftovers?” sits the question we will all ask ourselves at some point. Why are we here and what is the purpose of life? When asked this, some of the most common responses goes as follows; “To be happy” “To better the world” “To help society […]

  • Chemicals in Cosmetic Products

    Chemicals in Cosmetic Products

    In the post-industrial age of plenty, consumers have access to more products than ever before. However, as a result of consumerism, we are also being exposed to more chemicals than before. An abundance of chemicals surrounds us almost constantly and can be found in food, water, air, and many of the products we use. Below is […]

  • Taking the Reins on Health

    Taking the Reins on Health

    How to be your best self advocate in this crazy health care system The current health system that we (still) use today was created in the early 1900s and is based on the premise; keep patients symptom free. The problem with keeping people free of symptoms is that it does not mean we are keeping […]

  • Everything you need to know about Retinol

    Everything you need to know about Retinol

    We all want to put our best face forward. A well thought out skincare routine helps to keep our skin healthy and clear. Many factors influence the health of our skin; environmental exposures, diet, the use of certain medications, changes in hormone levels, and even underlying health conditions. Skin issues, like any other medical problem […]

  • No Technology isn’t bad

    No Technology isn’t bad

    …how we are using it can be though I was sitting in my fluorescent-lit office, shamelessly stalking my crush, my ex-boyfriend, and that one blogger who always has the coolest travel pics, when the head of HR appeared at my doorstep. “We want you to present on technology and how it is affecting our health. […]

  • Travel Health 101

    Travel Health 101

    Don’t let illness ruin your travel, be prepared before you jet. Travel is one of the most exciting and eye opening experiences, but it can also be dangerous if you are not aware. Different regions have unique germs and you want to make sure you are protecting yourself. First, make sure you are up to […]

  • <strong>The Sleep-Mental Health Connection: How Sleep Impacts Your Mental Well-being</strong>

    The Sleep-Mental Health Connection: How Sleep Impacts Your Mental Well-being

    You may enjoy hitting the snooze button a few times to catch those extra minutes of precious rest. Sleep is essential! And whenever you sleep well at night, you feel rested and ready to start your day. But did you know that sleep is fundamental for optimal mental well-being? Sleep plays a critical role in […]

  • The Blood Type Diet

    The Blood Type Diet

    Can you plan your perfect diet based on your blood type? A new trend hitting the nutrition shelves is the blood type diet. However, despite its new found fame, this is not a new concept. Naturopathic physician Dr. D’Adamo created the blood type diet in 1996, based on the idea that eating foods compatible with […]

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    The quick and dirty (I mean clean) overview for how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss For weight loss, you just need two words: calorie restriction and exercise. With diet being the most important. It has been found that our body fitness level is 80% based on diet and 20% based on […]

  • Diet Hack for Improved Mood

    Diet Hack for Improved Mood

    The foods we eat can have a drastic impact on both our mood and cognitive abilities. Consuming foods that boost serotonin, which is the happy hormone in the body, can help reduce stress and boost affect. Likewise eating red meat which contains the amino acid taurine or taking it in a supplement form can increase […]