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  • Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    The quick and dirty (I mean clean) overview for how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss For weight loss, you just need two words: calorie restriction and exercise. With diet being the most important. It has been found that our body fitness level is 80% based on diet and 20% based on […]

  • Adrenal Fatigue & Insufficiency

    Adrenal Fatigue & Insufficiency

    The adrenal glands are important for our energy, health, and mood. The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of the kidneys and play a large role in hormone production. The hormones that are produced and released from the adrenal glands regulate multiple processes in the body including metabolism, the immune system, blood pressure, […]

  • 2023: The Year of Progression in Mental Health Crisis Care

    2023: The Year of Progression in Mental Health Crisis Care

    In 2023, unfortunately, the mental health industry has experienced a substantial uptick in need, and current directives have been insufficient. More specifically, crisis care has been severely lacking in recent years.  While the U.S. mental health system is aware of these trends in mental health among its population, we’re ill-equipped, and clinicians are burned out. […]

  • Sleep Apnea’s Hidden Toll: Understanding its Role in Anxiety Disorders

    Sleep Apnea’s Hidden Toll: Understanding its Role in Anxiety Disorders

    If you’ve dealt with sleep apnea in the past, you know it can make you feel anxious at night and groggy during the day. People with sleep apnea stop breathing briefly while sleeping, causing them to wake up frequently throughout the night. Although this condition is a burden, what’s worse is that few people are […]

  • No Technology isn’t bad

    No Technology isn’t bad

    …how we are using it can be though I was sitting in my fluorescent-lit office, shamelessly stalking my crush, my ex-boyfriend, and that one blogger who always has the coolest travel pics, when the head of HR appeared at my doorstep. “We want you to present on technology and how it is affecting our health. […]

  • How to Cook Vegetables and Preserve the Nutrients

    How to Cook Vegetables and Preserve the Nutrients

    A diet rich in vegetables is known to be an important part of a well-balanced diet. Vegetables are a good source of minerals and vitamins, which are needed to keep the body functioning properly. In addition, most vegetables are high in fiber and low in carbs and calories, making them beneficial for maintaining normal weight […]

  • Effects of Music

    Effects of Music

    As we rush about our day, we might forget the power that music has on our lives and health. How the brain processes music Music makes its way through the ear canal as sound waves, which reach the eardrum and vibrate as sound, before travelling through the inner ear to the cochlea. The sense organ […]

  • Your Best Self & Best Life

    Your Best Self & Best Life

    How to be your most amazing self and enjoy life as you are meant to While our environments, genetic factors, diets, hormone levels, relationships, and jobs can greatly affect our mood and life, the main driving force that swings the pendulum from hopefulness to sadness to happiness and back again is your mind. Perspective and […]

  • Ditch the Daily Vitamins?

    Ditch the Daily Vitamins?

    Is there a better way to get your vitamins? Why many doctors are now telling you to ditch the dailies for a more personalized approach. Vitamins and supplements are a great addition to your health plan if used correctly. However, when taken incorrectly or in excess, dietary supplements can lead to toxicity, or in less […]

  • Hypothyroidism


    When the thyroid gland is not functioning properly you can suffer many debilitating effects, but you don’t need to stay sick, you can get out of the woods and back to healthy living. What is Hypothyroid? Hypothyroidism is an endocrine condition where low thyroid hormone levels result in a slowing of the body and metabolism. […]